Finitive’s unique platform and exclusive process efficiently deliver capital to its originator partners.

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    Investor Base
    Finitive’s originator partners efficiently access a deep global network of institutional investors who are actively allocating to alternative lending.
  • 2
    Finitive’s team of professionals are specialists and leaders in the alternative lending sector, with deep domain expertise and noteworthy investment track records.
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    of Interests
    Long-term relationships, flexible fee arrangements, and willingness to invest in transactions align Finitive with its originator partners.
  • 4
    Finitive streamlines the capital raising process for its originator partners through a detailed proprietary research and due diligence process.


Finitive is unconstrained by either fund structure or mandate, providing the flexibility to transact across the capital structure and various spectrums of risk, asset class, geography, and transaction size.

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    Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns
    Finitive seeks to identify lending opportunities that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns relative to other investment opportunities.
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    Flexible Deal Structures
    • Warehouse lines
    • Forward flow and whole loan purchase agreements
    • Term loans
    • Participations
    • Funds
    • Equity
    • Various other
  • 3
    Asset Classes
    • Commercial Real Estate
      • - Bridge
      • - Permanent
      • - Construction/Development
    • Residential Real Estate
      • - Fix & flip
      • - Construction/Development
      • - Non-QM
    • Student
    • Auto
    • Consumer unsecured
    • Invoice factoring
    • Trade finance
    • Franchisee loans
    • Merchant cash advance
    • SME
    • Litigation finance
    • Tax lien
    • Various other

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